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Karen Vickery

Natasha Vickery




Directed by Luke Rogers

26 October - 12 November 2022


Run time: approx. 2 hours (including interval)


Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and winner of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Original Play


"Once upon a time writers made things up, you know. Can you imagine?"

Grad student Lisa is thrilled to be under the tutelage of her literary idol, Ruth Steiner. Over the years, Lisa becomes Ruth’s personal assistant and gradually her friend, as Ruth helps her hone her writing abilities. But as Lisa’s career begins to flourish and Ruth’s begins to fade, can the tenuous relationship between mentor and mentee survive ambition, rivalry, and eventual betrayal?

Collected Stories explores the complicated relationship between two independent women as they struggle to define what, if anything, is off-limits in art.

“This is probably Margulies’ best play to date…”

-NY Post

“Margulies’ play is an affecting character study and a well-drawn portrait of the insular world of fiction writers, demonstrating his gift for sharply written and incisive dialogue.”

-Hollywood Reporter


-The New York Times

“As usual, Margulies holds the rich ore of his material up to the light so that it sends beams in every direction…always fluid and lively, the play is thick with ideas, like a stockpot of good stew.”

-Village Voice