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The ACT HUB team are committed to fostering the emerging talent in Canberra. HUB TOO has been created to assist and guide budding producers and/or directors to produce their own theatre in a low-risk but high profile environment. By providing reduced theatre rental, publicity assistance as well as expert mentoring in every aspect of production if and when required, everything is in place for you to present your artistic vision to Canberra audiences. Each of the four directors of ACT Hub have been where you are and have a vast knowledge base in terms of the challenges and triumphs of creating your own theatrical masterpiece.

Aligning with ACT Hub's vision of showcasing great stories from around the world in an exciting and vibrant theatrical environment, applicants are encouraged to pitch to the ACT Hub directors their play in whatever format they see fit as long as the submission covers the criteria below.

Successful applicants will be given a one week season which includes tech and dress rehearsals and 5 performances.

To be considered for one of the two seasons available for 2022, please submit the following:

  • Information about you - contact details, artistic resume, training

  • Information on the play or theatrical work you wish to produce - the story, the background, any awards won

  • Your vision for the piece

  • The challenges you may face in producing/staging it

  • Why this play/theatrical work is important to you and to today's audiences

  • How you envision the set, costumes, lighting, sound within the ACT Hub space

  • What casting you require. What challenges you may face with this. 

  • Your publicity strategy. What is the play's hook? Why do people need to see it?

  • Your team - do you have production personnel or do you require assistance with finding the right people

  • Preferred season dates

  • Any other supporting info relevant to your submission

Things to consider:

If you are submitting an established play, are the rights available? Can you afford to pay them upfront as required by theatrical agents? Average costs per performance is $150-$180.

Do you have the funds for other up-front costs that may be required - set building and painting, costumes etc?

ACT Hub seats between 120 to 152 patrons depending on your staging configuration. Three-quarter or arena staging/configuration will also be available. Details on seating capacity for that will be available soon.


120 for Landscape and In The Round:




























152 for Portrait:




Submissions close 1 February 2022. Shortlisted applicants will then meet for an interview with the ACT Hub directors before a final decision is made.

The ethos of ACT Hub is to work hard, don't settle for mediocrity but to have fun while creating theatrical magic. If you feel that aligns with you then we would love to hear from you. We are particularly keen to hear from BIPOC and to witness their stories.

Please send completed submissions to with the subject HUB TOO SUBMISSION - (your name).

If you have any relevant questions, please send them to

Good luck! We can't wait to hear from you!

The ACT Hub Team

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