The Causeway Hall

The Causeway Hall is an ACT Government-owned community facility located at 14 Spinifex Street, Kingston.

About 120 portable wooden cottages for construction workers were built at the Causeway in 1925 and 1926. Canberra's first hall for community gatherings and entertainment was at the Causeway where the recreation hall was completed in 1926 with voluntary labour using materials provided by the Federal Capital Commission. After The Second World War, housing at the Causeway and Westlake was considered sub-standard. Although all of the original Westlake cottages have been demolished, the Causeway survives with the original temporary wooden cottages now replaced with brick veneer cottages. As it was separated from the rest of the suburb by Wentworth Avenue and was situated to the north of the railway station, the Causeway was a distinct district within the suburb of Kingston, however, it is now abutted by the Kingston foreshore development.

For some time, the hall served as the Canberra's principal place of entertainment, including as "a picture theatre, dance hall and the venue for other entertainment such as concerts and boxing matches"

In the late 60s/early 70s, the Canberra Children's Theatre held rehearsals and performances at the Hall.

The Causeway Hall is a listed item on the ACT heritage register.

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